update (5th January 2022)

Medical services have remained open - as podiatry services are classed as essential healthcare we have remained open throughout the pandemic.


The College of Podiatry guidelines state HCPC Registered Podiatrists are able to treat patients in red, amber and green categories.

Our aim is to prevent development of other problems which require access to GPs & hospitals.  Simple podiatry measures can prevent more serious complications and reduces the burden on NHS services.  For example, several of our podiatrists are also able to supply antibiotics if required.

Our team have been available throughout the current situation providing many emergency treatments for new and existing patients.  

Keeping you safe during your appointment


Remember, if you have any symptoms of coronavirus eg a continuous cough, high temperature, sore throat, or loss of taste/smell, you must cancel your appointment and contact us for further information. 


If you have been asked to self isolate, or are waiting on PCR results, you must also cancel your appointment and reschedule once this period has finished.

When attending your appointment:

Please arrive on time but not too early, and please only attend by yourself if possible.  


Our doors will be locked to provide protection to our patients entering/leaving our clinics and we have reduce the use of our waiting area.  We have also increased the time between our appointments to assist this movement and to allow for increased cleaning and decontamination.  

Our podiatrists will be wearing full medical PPE; mask, apron, gloves, and a visor, and we also have a patient screen over our treatment couch.  We ask that you wear a mask when attending and to wear throughout your treatment, unless you are exempt.  Please use the hand sanitiser when entering/leaving the clinic.

We would prefer if you could pay by card to prevent handling of cash where possible.