Psoriasis is a skin condition that affects around 2% of the population.  Although you can develop the condition at any age it is most common to start in those under 35.  Psoriasis affects both men and women equally and its severity will differ greatly from person to pe...

Diabetes Awareness

This week marks the start of Diabetes Awareness Week.  With Diabetes, especially Type 2, on the rise in Scotland it is important that not only those currently affected, but those who are at risk of developing diabetes understand the signs, symptoms a...


Our Tips for Maintaining Healthy Feet Whether It's A 5K Or A Marathon!



As the weather improves, hopefully, the chance to get out and about also does.  At this time of year we are encouraged to move more, enjoy the drier and warmer weather and in some cases do our bit...

Lymphoedema is a long term condition which causes swelling in any part of the body with the legs and arms most commonly affected. 


A failure in the lymphatic system, the bodies drainage system which helps regulate fluid as well as forming part of the immune system, se...

With February being statistically the coldest month of the year it is Raynaud's Awareness month


Raynaud's is a condition thought to affect up to ten million people in the UK and 20% of the population worldwide.  Although most common among woman in their 20's and 30's,...

Whether its fighting the post Christmas bulge or a resolution to get more active, New Year is commonly associated with getting fit.  Unfortunately the pressure and stress some people put on there bodies while making this drastic change can cause more pain than just “fe...

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