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asked questions

​​​​​When is payment due for my treatment?

Payment is normally due immediately following treatment and we would be grateful if you could ensure you are able to do this before booking an appointment with us.

What types of payment methods are accepted?

For security we work with a cashless system therefore we only accept card payments.  House visits are excluded from this arrangement and can be paid by cash or cheque.  In some cases, your Podiatrist may issue an invoice but this is normally agreed in advance of your treatment.

How do I pay my invoice?

​Your invoice will have payment details noted at the bottom.  Payment can either be made in person by cash, by post using cheque, or remotely by BACs, and our bank account details are noted also on the invoice.


I have booked an appointment for a family member but won't be able to attend their appointment?

If your family member or relative is unable to pay at the time of their treatment, we will arrange another method of payment which suits you either by posting a cheque or invoice for BACs payment.


Will my insurance company pay for my treatment?

Some insurance companies will pay for chiropody/podiatry treatment but it is strongly advised that you contact them beforehand to ensure this is the case.  Many do not cover routine foot care treatment eg chiropody, and some do not cover the costs of orthoses.


Can I purchase Gift Vouchers?

Yes, you can purchase gift vouchers from any of our clinics.  The amount will depend upon which type of treatment you wish to gift.  Please ask or call us for more information.

​​​​​What should I bring along to my first appointment?

If you are new to our practices, please bring along your medical history document which you can download from our New Patient page. 

What will I need to do during an appointment?

Both socks and shoes need to be removed during your appointment to allow us to complete a full examination of your foot health.  If you need help to do this, our podiatrists will be more than happy to assist.

What should I bring to my biomechanical assessment?

​We advise that you bring along a pair of shorts, or loose fitting trousers as it is likely that we will need to examine the full lower limb.  In addition, we would like to discuss your footwear so please bring along your footwear for sport and daily acitivities.  Old/worn footwear is also useful to allow us to examine wear patterns on the soles.  


How many appointments will I need?

This depends upon the outcome of your first appointment and your current foot condition and foot health.  Your podiatrist will advise and discuss with you a treatment plan and costs.  You are under no obligation to continue with treatment however it is likely that your podiatrist will have advised additional treatment for the benefit of your foot health. 


A large number of our patients attend regularly on a 5-6-8 week basis mainly for routine treatment and feel that good foot health is an essential part of their overall wellbeing and keeps them active.  Some patients attend for short, more intense periods of treatment eg patients receiving verruca treatment whereby patients attend on a weekly/fortnightly basis.  Our patients who attend for biomechanical assessments tend to see us more frequently at the initial stages for their assessment, fitting of orthotics and reviews.  This is then extended to 6 month check ups to ensure their orthotics are still appropriate for their condition. 


Can I download a copy of your Privacy Policy?

Yes, please find full details of our Privacy Policy here.

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